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Forfatter: David Farkas

Kosherfy is the quickest and most convenient way to order food from your favorite local Kosher establishments. Order Take-Out, Make a Reservation, send a Gourmet Gift – With Kosherfy, your favorite Kosher stores are just a few taps away. Its the only app on the market that allows you to order and make reservations from the largest selection of Kosher restaurants.

Whether you are picking up take-out on the way home from work, want your food delivered, or want to make a reservation for dining-in, with Kosherfy in the palm of your hand, your are just a few clicks away! Orders can also be placed on our website at We currently have a list of Great Kosher Restaurants to choose from in Lakewood, Flatbush, and the 5 Towns, and will be adding more cities.

In addition to online ordering, we added 2 additional features to the app. Feature #1 is "Top Sites" which allows you to easily navigate through your Favorite Frum Websites like The Yeshiva World, Shamash Kosher Restaurant Finder, Aish, DansDeals. Jewish Music Stream, and more. Feature #2 is for ברכות. No more need to scramble for benchers or (attempt to) recite the ברכות אחרונות by heart!

Simplify. Satisfy. Kosherfy.